About Us

Our humble beginning started since November 2017. Before the existance of Covid 19, Minda Profesional Sdn Bhd (Mindapro) has been around as a Business Consultancies company with training and classes focusing on Small and Medium Enterprises growth. After surviving the hard time (pandemic era 2020-2022), we have been diversify into Food and Beverages industry. Our latest product is Conafa Viral started in early 2023.

Conafa is an Arabic dessert/cuisine originated from Palestine. It is made with spun pastry called katifi, soaked in sweet, sugar based syrup called attar, and typically layered with cream, cheese, nutella or other ingredients such as pistachio and nuts. It is very popular in middle east countries and recently viral in Malaysia. The awareness, acceptance and the demand for Conafa has become increasing everyday. 

As this trend emerge, we are sharing this business opportunity to other entrepreneurs to become our partners in bringing Conafa Viral throughout Malaysia. For further inquiries, please drop us an email to sales@jurujual.com or sales@mindapro.com